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Igor Telyatnikov

CEO and Founder | Alphapoint

Igor Telyatnikov, the CEO of AlphaPoint, is a visionary leader in the blockchain technology sector. With an extensive background in finance and a profound understanding of digital asset exchanges, Igor has been instrumental in steering AlphaPoint towards its mission of enabling institutions to digitize assets and launch markets with its white-label software.

Prior to leading AlphaPoint, Igor honed his expertise in technology and finance through senior roles at leading firms, where he specialized in strategy, operations, and technology development. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for blockchain technology led him to co-found AlphaPoint, which under his guidance, has become a beacon in the industry, providing critical infrastructure for the digital asset economy.

Under Igor's leadership, AlphaPoint has grown to serve customers across multiple countries, offering solutions that reduce the barriers to entry for businesses looking to enter the blockchain space. His work focuses on empowering businesses with the tools they need to operate secure and compliant digital asset networks.

Igor is a sought-after speaker and thought leader in the blockchain community. He regularly shares his insights at industry conferences, educational panels, and in media interviews. His strategic vision for AlphaPoint and the future of blockchain technology makes him a compelling figure in the financial technology landscape.

Join us on our podcast as we sit down with Igor Telyatnikov to discuss the evolution of blockchain infrastructure, the future of asset digitization, and the ways AlphaPoint is shaping the digital asset revolution.

Igor Telyatnikov
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