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Oleg Fomenko

CEO and Founder | Sweat Economy

Oleg Fomenko is a trailblazer at the intersection of health, technology, and cryptocurrency. As the founder of Sweat Economy, Oleg has transformed the act of physical movement into a valuable digital asset, rewarding millions of users for leading active lifestyles.

Before embarking on his journey with Sweat Economy, Oleg had a rich history of engaging with technology and cryptocurrency, dating back to his initial intrigue with Bitcoin in 2011. Despite the rollercoaster of tech trends, he remained steadfast in his belief that technology can serve a greater purpose beyond profit.

Oleg's personal experiences with fitness — from his high-altitude mountaineering feats to confronting his own physical limits — ignited a passion to incentivize fitness through technological innovation. Thus, Sweatcoin was born, an app that turns steps into currency, and eventually evolved into Sweat Economy on the blockchain platform.

With over 145 million registered users and a mission that resonates globally, Oleg continues to lead his company towards creating a more active, healthy, and connected world. His vision extends beyond the app itself, aspiring to contribute to larger societal shifts, such as the potential integration of blockchain in Universal Basic Income (UBI) systems.

Oleg's work with Sweat Economy has not only captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts but has also sparked interest among major health institutions, insurers, and governments. By demonstrating the tangible value of physical activity, Oleg is not just pioneering a new economy but is also fostering a movement towards enhanced wellbeing and digital innovation.

In our podcast, Oleg shares his unique insights on the future of the movement economy, the role of blockchain in creating verifiable and authentic user engagement, and his aspirations for Sweat Economy's impact on public health. Join us as we delve into the mind of a man who's not only changing the way we think about exercise but also shaping the future of how we interact with technology.

Oleg Fomenko
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