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Tad Smith

Partner 1RoundTable Ventures | Former CEO of Sotheby's & Madison Square Garden Group

n this episode, we're thrilled to have Tad Smith, a remarkable figure with a diverse background, join us. Our meeting with Tad was as unexpected as it was fortunate, leading to an intriguing and insightful conversation. Tad Smith, a Princeton and Harvard graduate, has an illustrious career path, having been the CEO of Sotheby's and Madison Square Garden Group.

He's now navigating the innovative realms of fine art and digital assets, showcasing his versatility and vision. In this wide-ranging interview, Tad shares his journey from his roots in North Carolina and Colorado to the bustling streets of New York, where he joined J.P. Morgan right before the 1987 market crash.

He delves into his transitions from Wall Street to the Rockefeller Foundation, then to government roles, and eventually to Harvard Business School. Tad's experiences in various industries, from music to art, and his current engagement in crypto and blockchain technology, make for a fascinating discussion. We also touch on personal milestones, like becoming fathers, and Tad's insights on the future of art, music, and digital technology. He speaks on the transformative power of AI in art and the potential shifts in the workforce due to technological advancements.

Tad Smith
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